Eureka, Trinidad and Mckinleyville Additional Services

Tile, Granite, Marble, Slate, Glass Block and mosaic Care, Repair or installation

Whether you had the work s tile done by or not, we can help protect you and your investment by applying a variety of different sealers. Tile, granite, marble, slate, glass block and mosaic are reliable materials for their durability and water resistance but smooth surfaces can become slippery when wet, that’s why Anthony’s tile recommends installing a textured porcelain or slate especially important for bathrooms, kitchens floor areas as water will inevitably end up on the floor.

Mosaic Repair

Mosaics are beautiful additions to any space but over time those little tiles (tesserae) can fall off, crack or fade. is here for the people of Mckinleyville to make sure that their mosaics stay pristine. Outdoor pathways, flooring, wall tiling or custom mosaic pieces the experts at have you covered. Our skilled craftspeople will match the missing or broken pieces perfectly and cut them to the exact shape of the precious pieces.

If your mosaic has faded overtime we can restore the look with a top notch restoration process or if you have become fond of the more rustic appearance your mosaic has taken on, we can acquire custom faded color pieces to match its current appeal.

Whatever the condition of your mosaic pattern; give us a call and we will give you a free estimates on the repair cost.

Glass Block installation

Installing glass block in a business or bathroom window, a shower wall or room divider, they come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of trim pieces and textures that allow light to enter an area, while adding to the beauty of a store front or bathroom.

Shower Pan Repair

A leaking shower can cause a lot of damage and cost lots of money to replace. IF you suspect your shower is leaking it should be diagnosed by an experienced professional. Since there are plumbing pipes and shower valves in the wall you can’t see, Anthony’s tile has the experience to properly diagnose and repair the problem.

Tile Repair

Want to remove the tiles in a space to make way for a new project? is an expert in the installation and the removal of tiles. Tiles are great at protecting a floor, wall or backsplash but when installed properly they are made to last. Because of this removing tiles can be quite difficult. Besides the tile itself, there is also and undercoating which must be removed before any new work can begin, which can take a fair amount of sanding, chiseling and grinding.

We have all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to make the space ready as quickly as possible. Our staff is experienced in all forms of tile removal and we can give you an accurate estimate for price and the time it will take. Don’t settle for anything but the best; call to assist you with your Humboldt County projects today!

Custom Granite and Marble bull nosing and fabrication

Anthony’s tile offers custom stone bull nosing, fabrication and polishing. Custom pieces for under mount sinks, trim or edge pieces no problem.